Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organization Case Study

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Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organization BSA/500 01/13/2013 Joe Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organization The Mission: For the accounting software records and processes the accounting transactions of the business to be within the structure of the modules. Profit and loss, balance sheet, financial statements, and statement of changes can be done using accounting software. Description: There are four types of accounting software. A.) There is the small business/personal accounting software which is meant for home users. B.) Low end accounting software is for small business markets that are more for a single nation market. C.) Mid market are for companies with large business. This business is capable of serving the needs of multiple…show more content…
This software consists of several components that assist Riordan in many areas. Some of these components include Accounts Payable/Receivable, Procurement, Sales and Purchasing History, Invoicing and Shipping, Payroll, Financial Reporting, and an Executive Decision Support System (Apollo Group, Inc., 2013). The accounting department of Riordan is a bit haphazard and could use the creation of some homogenous software all locations can use. Currently it is a mismatch and certain locations have restraints and abilities that others do not. For such a large company this creates a lot of delay and issues for the company. Their documentation is there; it is just not created and dispersed in the most efficient…show more content…
In fact with the new acquisition of the Michigan and Georgia locations, due diligence is a big deal. In the financial world abreast there are great new laws to comply with including GAAP, at their level. With multiple locations compliance and due diligence not on a par location par location accounting level are major time consuming tasks to sort out legally. Financially Riordan took a major balance sheet change to acquire the new locations, so being online everywhere for Executive Decision Support, and continuously linked EDI, and bar coding are important to make progress. Riordan remote access plan is most of all an interim solution, but with its financial interest accruing daily, Riordan must have better online reporting capability for its distributed topology. References Apollo Group, Inc. (2013). Retrieved from Dennis, A. (2009). Systems Analysis and Design, 4e. Retrieved from ISBN: 9780470228548 Software Modules. (2013). Retrieved from

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