Summit Electric Lights Up with a New Erp System

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Case Write-Up: Summit Electric Lights Up with a New ERP System Group D Brief Background: This case was written about a company called Summit Electrical Supply. Summit distributes products that include motor controls, wire and cable, cords, lighting, conduit and fittings, wiring devices, supports systems and fasteners, outlet boxes and enclosures, and transformers and power protection equipment. The company could be described as a distributor, or more of a middle man. The company will take finished goods and sell them to electrical contractors working various projects. As the company grew, it faced several problems with trying to integrate all of their systems together. Key Issues in the Case: The legacy systems put into place during the 1980s simply could not keep up with the growing rate of the company. While creating their legacy system, they did not plan well enough for the future growth of the company, nor did it update its systems fast enough, which was a root cause for the need of a new system. This is a root cause for many companies in similar situations. * Since its founding, the company has dramatically grown. It had a multiple systems in place. One system was for sales entries and purchase orders and another was for back-end reporting. One of the biggest problems for Summit, as well as all companies trying to update their systems, was the integration of all the information into a centralized location. In Summit’s case, the integration of this information was done manually in batches. This wasted enormous amounts of time and dramatically effected the efficiency and organization of the company. * As the company grew and found out it could no longer process inventory and updates in the amount of time necessary, the system got to its breaking point. This process became extremely costly due to the manpower and amount of time

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