Dyatlov Pass Incident

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My interest in Dyatlov pass incident started a long time ago, when I was a teenager. Those days it appeared to me as something dreadful, paranormal even, something that would never be explained. And when you once mentioned it during the lesson, I thought it to be a good idea to write an essay about these events that I do hope are connected with our course. This book by Anna Matveeva I’ve been reading during this Christmas, it was kindly given me by my parents as a holiday gift. The book is well-written, with a great respect to the people and those tragic events. But at the same time as the book is written by a woman it is full of some unnecessary and unimportant details that have no connection with the incident. Mainly there are two plotlines in the book: the one that is fiction and the one that is documentary. The book consists of a very detailed narration of the criminal case, the circumstances of the deaths, including the enclosed real documents, photographs, diaries, letters, interviews with the searchers and the families of the dead and so on; but also the details concerning the ex-husband of the main character, her parents and her cat. The latter ones are a little bit confusing and do not seem serious, and one may think that the book is written by two very different people. But as the documentary part is really detailed and captivating, you stop noticing the facts of life of the heroine, though sometimes they are helpful in distracting you from all the horror that is described in the book. The book starts with series of strange and mysterious events that made the main character of the book forget the idea of writing a novel about her school life and concentrate on the events that took place in winter 1959 long before she was born – the true story of a group of young students who died under mysterious circumstances as ski tourists in the
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