Dropbox Essay

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Ryo Matsumoto Case Analysis: Dropbox 1. Situation Analysis Dropbox’s long-range goal: - To let you sit at any computer or device and have access to all your stuff. In order to achieve this goal, the CEO of Dropbox, Drew Houston, was considering about how to attract much more customers. Acquiring new customers is vital for Dropbox, because it will bring more users who pay for a premium account. In addition, new users will bring more new users. Dropbox has acquired its vast majority of users through word-of-mouth referrals and viral marketing rather than paid advertising. 2. Problem Definition What strategy does Dropbox take in order to accelerate growth and to achieve its long term goal? 3. Analysis of Alternatives In order to accelerate acquiring new users, here are some options. Offering professional version Develop an application that targets enterprises and power users. This strategy is sometimes difficult to implement for start up companies, because enterprise customers do not easily trust new venture companies. Therefore, Dropbox adopted the strategy that is “personal use as a Trojan Horse”[1]. However, now, Dropbox has already established a strong presence in the “online backup and storage services industry.” Most companies will be open to introduce Dropbox as their official business application. Dropbox offers a single version of Dropbox for both consumers and business users. Building a product that satisfies both types of users is tough. On one hand, consumers hesitate to use an application that is high performance but complicated. On the other hand, companies may be interested in a high performance application even if it is a little bit complicated. Considering those aspects, I can say that it seems to be the time to change the “personal use as a Trojan Horse” strategy. By this I mean, Dropbox should
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