A Driving Experience

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Would I get a traffic ticket if the police arrive? How could I explain to my family about this event? Those were all I thought about when I just got a silly accident. I was so nervous and anxious so that I couldn’t think of any solution for the problem I had made. It was a Thursday afternoon just about 4 months ago. After I came to pick up my friend at 1 pm, we decided to have lunch in Pho Express, for it’s a Vietnamese restaurant and near her school. We had been there once, so I could remember the direction. However, as we were talking, I passed the restaurant. So I had to make a U-turn to come back. And that was when my accident took place. I had been driving for almost 3 months before that accident, so I made many U-turns. I also think making these is easy. University Ave is a large street, so I tried to make a direct U-turn. I thought it just took one step instead of three. I didn’t want to turn, then turn back, and finally go forward. I didn’t pay attention to the speed of my car, and the result was one of the tires of my car went on the pavement and couldn’t move forward anymore. I tried to turn back, but it was impossible. My car got stuck, so I turned off car engine, got out to see the problem. I found out because of sand that my car could not move. Then I came back to my car, turned on the engine, but I couldn’t. I got out again and examine if the engine had any errors. It was fine. I became nervous because I had blocked one lane of the street. Many cars passed by, and I thought some of them may call the police to help clear my car. My friend asked me what we should do, but at that time I was out of my mind. I was so frightened to think clearly. So I decided to call to my uncle to get some help. But what he told me I had already checked. He told me that he would come in half an hour, for he was watching his shop in Moreno Valley, quite far from where I

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