Personal Narrative Essay On Texting And Driving

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Texting and Driving Driving is a difficult activity. When someone drives they are supposed to pay attention to all their surroundings. Everyday I drive I try to be as safe as possible and not get distracted. About 5 months ago I didn’t care about safety and looked at my phone all the time. Little did I know I would pay for that terrible decision. I was looking at my phone distracted and not looking at the road. I not only put myself in danger but the lives of all the people on the road. The day started like any other day, not wanting to wake up in the morning and stay in bed for eternity. I sluggishly crawled out of bed and hopped into the shower. I had a date that night, and I needed to smell great and look fly. I kept stressing…show more content…
I drove up to Provo with my parents to see what my punishment was. When I walked in I felt like it was something from the movies. There were about 30 other people awaiting trial just like me. I was so anxious for my name to be called after seeing about 10 other trials. I kept hearing the other peoples name over and over again. The seconded I stared to nod off from absolute boredom they announced my name. I stood up there sweating bullets because I had no idea what was coming to me. After he says what I’m on trial for he asks me if I plead guilty, not guilty, or no contest. I pleaded guilty and the judge fined me $360 to be paid to the courts and write a one-page paper on texting and driving. My heart about stopped when I heard the price of the ticket, and knew how serious they were about this violation. After experiencing that I grew up a lot more, I learned that the real world is very serous and scarier then I had ever thought. I became more mature, knew that I can’t be careless anymore and follow the laws. Today I have now gotten my taillight fixed and haven’t had a driving violation since. Learning from my mistakes is a big thing in my life and I have used it and became a better person from those

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