Rubin Carter Case Study

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26th February 2009 12 Lancaster Av Green Valley 2167 41 Campbell St Bowen Hill 4060 Dear Sir or Madam, I Lesra Martin, today appeal to you, a petition, seeking justice that Rubin Carter whom is a fellow African American, has suffered unnecessarily and has endured false imprisonment for a crime not for what he has done, but for what he was. I’ve new evidence to uncover the lies, corruption and manipulation of the police force, which will back me up proving to you that Rubin Carter deserves a fair trial and to be immediately released. He is an innocent man. Rubin Carter a well-known man has been put in jail for a crime he hasn’t committed. I believe he should be released immediately, due to not receiving a fair trial with an all-white…show more content…
Next, the car did not match Carter’s car, his car was very similar but had many different features, which the cops didn’t check out. There were also no fingerprints taken on the car, showing that the police just wanted him put away, not showing interest. Lastly, police cops were caught manipulating and distorting evidence, changing it to their liking making it all point to Carter. Examples include recordings weren’t continuously recorded and stopped several times for unknown reasons and an eyewitness’s signature wasn’t approved by her and was approved by an unknown suspect. This newly discovered evidence shows that manipulation and distortion of the old evidence occurred to frame Carter. Due to this, he should receive a re-trial, with this new evidence, and it is required that it goes to the judge with justice and equality amongst jury, and an immediate release should take place soon after the fair trial. I hope you come to an understanding of my letter, and do something about it and see the circumstances that I find the police force at the time was full of corruption. Thank you for your time and hope you understand my point of
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