What Is My Dream Model Essay

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I constantly get told that I should be a model. I never felt that way myself until I sent my picture into this simple prom magazine contest and actually was a finalist. That’s when I knew I had the potential. From then on I dreamt of becoming a model. I became determined and booked my first fashion show after months, and months of auditioning. I tried out for a fashion show that was sponsored by Nautica and I.N.C. from Macy’s department store. I went inside when my number was called and the judges pierced me up and down. The judges were intimidating but I didn’t give up. I introduced myself, I did my little “cat walk”, and presented my home made photos. I tried my best but the nerves took control, I stuttered and I stubbed, but I kept the audition alive with my personality. It was total agony watching beautiful girl after beautiful girl walk in and out of the audition room, as I sat next to my supporting mother waiting for the judges to announce their decisions. It was time. All three judges came out synchronized, I felt like I was watching a drill routine. The moment was terrifying; from…show more content…
I ran in the house, jumped in front of my sister and did the goofiest dance while singing “I’m in a fashion show, I’m in a fashion show…” she smiled and pretended to not care but that’s her job as an older sister. I knew she was excited for me. Then my dad, I called him several times before I got an answer. He said I scared him and he thought it was an emergency. To me, it was just as important I couldn’t wait to tell him. He was thrilled though, and immediately asked me when and where so he can make his fatherly appearance, eager to tell I replied instantly. Two weeks! By the time I got to tell the rest of my family, my overjoyed mother had already told everyone. It was a weird feeling I had, because I wanted to tell them myself but I couldn’t get upset with her for being so happy for me and my first fashion

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