Don H. Zimmerman's Doing Gender

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After reading “Doing Gender” by Candace West and Don H. Zimmerman and “Gender, Black Feminism, and Black Political Economy” by Patricia Hill Collins I’ve came to the realization that the term gender has a completely different meaning than what I previously thought. Candace West’s and Don H. Zimmerman’s main purpose in the article “Doing Gender” is to try to provide a different insight to the typical way of which sex and gender are perceived. They claim that sex was taught as something biological that you are born and determined through “anatomy, hormones, and physiology.” Gender on the other hand, was described to be an “achieved status” which is determined through “psychological, cultural, and social means.” The authors talk about these…show more content…
Let’s first start of by saying that America has yet to have a female president, and let’s also state the fact that as I studied in class, women make up only 17% of national legislatures worldwide. Now why is this? The only explanation I can come up with is the world isn’t ready yet for us. But besides from my own personal opinion, Patricia Hill Collins focuses in her article, “Gender, Black Feminism, and Black Political Economy” how the experiences of Black women help people to understand the high rates of poverty and inequality. She also talks about how categories such as gender, race and class are not “free standing distinct systems” but instead “mutually constructing” intersecting systems, which doesn’t play much to her favor since she is a black female. Being that our society is a patriarchy (male dominated) and has been for so long, (women started to get the right to vote in the US in the year of 1920) it may seem odd or even hard when people have to answer up to a woman in charge; because we are just simply not use to it. In Patricia Hill Collins’s article she makes it seem that poverty and low economic opportunities seem inevitable towards black women: “Black men’s lower income meant that the majority of Black women could not marry wealth nor could their mixed-race children inherit it”. It truly seem like an ongoing process since, even their children have to start from
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