Does Welfare Diminish Poverty

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The welfare system tends to encourage wastefulness and discourage productivity. More and more people look to welfare in order to help make a living but some are not using it the accurate way. The government should not have to take care of people who are doing nothing with their life but abusing the system. Welfare should help the people get on their feet. Just because you’re on welfare doesn’t mean that you don’t have to work and can just stay at home and do nothing. America is becoming lazy no ones wants to work hard if you have someone giving you money, that’s not going to make you want to work hard. Welfare comes from those who are working hard for their money and getting money taking out of their checks for people who are doing nothing!…show more content…
Welfare is distributed as follows: 37% African-American, 36% Caucasian, and 21% Hispanic. Even though welfare is a helpful avenue to take when you really need help it has its downfalls. Howard Baetjer Jr., an author of the article “Does Welfare Diminish Poverty?” says, “While they recognize and perhaps regret that welfare does involve the force of law to benefit some at the expense of others, they feel the principle is justifiably violated since welfare diminishes the need.” The government is spending entirely too much money on welfare when it can be used for something more efficient. The Total Government Spending in the United States Federal, State, and Local Fiscal Year for 2011 is $0.6 trillion spent on welfare in 2011.These programs created by the government are supposed to help lower the rise of…show more content…
One of the myths are that people on welfare do not want to work when in fact, Women on welfare do work but normally obtain minimum wage. Statistics show that mothers on welfare held on average 1.7 jobs while almost half (44%) held two or more jobs. Another myth is that people who get on welfare never get off, 30% get off within two years permanently. Some of the problems that we face are that many of the people on welfare have a lack of education, which creates more unskilled workers. We live in a society where we say that everyone able to pull himself or herself up by there bootstrap and create the life that they want. Not everyone has this option but can it done is the question. Absolutely if we can have less people abuse the system then we can help pull those who need help put of

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