Rip Van Winkle Analysis

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Given only two choices of writing on whether rip van winkle is either an every man, or an exceptional individual, I would consider Rip Van Winkle a every man (or an every day man for that matter). Many of his characteristics mirror that of many people that I have interacted within my personal life, including my own. Clearly in reading the essay, there are amiable traits that Rip Van Winkle possess. Some include helping his neighbors, giving children toys etc. While these kind actions with his nearby residents are honorable and righteous, these actions are not indicative of an exceptional individual, but merely a individual. Rip Van Winkle possessed characteristics of a normal person. He liked to drink, was lazy, and rather than focusing on his own home, and personal home life, he would avoid interaction. While reading the essay, there were some references to Rip Van Winkle's wife being portrayed as a constant nag because he did not contribute around the household. Some might argue that It is because of his wife's berating, that Rip was not proactive in contributing in house work. I think that whether she nagged him or not, it would not have changed his character traits. If I for example wanted a clean home, my home would be clean. If my home was dirty, and it did not bother me, I would not clean it. I think that Rip Van Winkle was looking for a distraction like most men, a every man. Not an exceptional individual.
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