Work of Social Reformers in the 20th Century

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Around 30 per cent of London’s population live in poverty. This means that many people cannot afford to have the stuff we take for granted. For example, people who live in these conditions cannot afford decent housing, clothes or food. Many social reformers have visited the conditions and found out for themselves what it is like to live in poverty. John Gault is a social reformer who worked as a missionary in London helping the people in poverty. He took pictures of the working class peoples’ homes. He then uses these images to show that the people who are living there are not from another species as this is what people believed. He also uses the photos to prove that many people living in poverty are not lazy. People may think that they do not earn money because of this. The real reason is that the jobs they do, do not earn a decent amount of money. Seebohm Rowntree is another social reformer who has done similar work to Booth. He has found out from his studies that poverty is mainly caused by old age or sickness. This means that, as you get older or get ill, you will have to stop working therefore not earn any money and slip into poverty. He also found that poverty is not a result of being lazy. Some people do work very hard but earn little money and it is not their fault. Rowntree also discovered that the main percentage of people living in poverty was because of a large family. This means that people are not getting enough money to help buy food and decent homes for their families. Also 10 percent of the people are unable to even buy a meal a day. Others cannot afford to eat and they have to hope for charity from neighbours and
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