Does The Federal Government Have Too Much Power Essay

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Does the Federal Government have too much Power? From the time of the Articles of Confederation to the beginning of the Constitution, power tensions between the federal government and the state governments have always been an issue. This ongoing struggle between governments has left a hole in our nation’s upbringing. Questions have arisen as to whom should be allowed to enforce what laws, due to the fine line separating federal and state. Hundreds of political figures have attempted to create a rule to serve as a guideline for the division of power; however nothing has seemed to work. Trouble has not only been faced by political leaders, but also comes up in your everyday court case. Tensions have continued to rise over the years, and this debate is still carrying…show more content…
It all began with James Madison who was, “considered the “Father of the Constitution,” and believed that strict limits on federal power were best for liberty. Powers of the federal government which were not enumerated in the Constitution were forbidden” (“Constitutional” 1). This is how society should be today, where the federal government is restricted to enacting on the laws solely stated in the constitution. Now many presidents and high authority leaders began to follow this idea. With all other powers off limits to the federal government, they didn’t get too powerful. It was Theodore Roosevelt who became president in 1901 who had an immense impact in changing this outlook. He took a stand saying that the power not forbidden, as well as not granted to the federal government should be in their hands. With individuals such as Franklin D. Roosevelt and Lyndon B Johnson, Roosevelt spread his claim. From here the clash of the power struggle deepened. Many situations such as court cases and breaking the law became more controversial, where America was thrown into deep
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