Djsnago Unchained an Analysis

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Andrew Shamah ENG101 Analysis Paper 12/4/13 Django Unchained: An Analysis Django Unchained, a slave revenge movie meets the style of a spaghetti-western is mainly about two characters. These characters, Dr. Schultz and Django, take the viewer along an emotional and gut-wrenching journey. Both characters are very complex with their own motives. For Django, it is about being reunited with his wife and killing any and all who get in his way. However, for Dr. Schultz, his motives are not quite as clear. The movie begins with slave traders driving a handful of slaves towards a new trading post. The slave traders encounter Dr. Schultz who is looking to buy a specific slave. A slave by the name of “Django”. Dr. Schultz ends up taking Django from the traders and begins to explain that he is a bounty hunter in needs of Django’s assistance. Django reluctantly agrees and becomes a bounty hunter. Through their travels it comes to Dr. Schultz’s attention that Django is doing whatever it takes to get back to his wife. The two devise a plan to gain both of their freedom. Dr Schultz is not the hero he is made out to be in the movie. The characters are near polar opposites united not by a common goal, but by a common journey. The doctor, on one hand, is cold and calculated whereas Django is spontaneous and emotion driven. The complexity of Dr. Schultz’s character is one requiring much analysis. Dr. Schultz is a voice of reason throughout the entire movie. From the eloquent way he phrases even the simplest of statements, to the level headed and direct responses he gives to adversity, Dr. Schultz is a mainstay throughout the journey. However, it cannot be overlooked that “Schultz means exactly what he says when he purchases Django, sealing the deal in blood and crying out with bitter, anachronistic jocularity, “Sold American!”” (Klawans). Early on in the film, Dr. Schultz

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