Divorce: Helping Your Child Adjust

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Abstract & References Krystal M. Moore PSYC 210 February 13, 2012 Professor Kauffman MA; M.Ed Abstract & References When parents divorce it often makes life more challenging to the children involved. It affects everyone involved in many ways but the children are often those left without an outlet to release their emotions. It is very important for everyone to talk about the emotions that they are experiencing as this can make the process a little less difficult. According to research conducted by North Carolina State University, the loss of attachment, fear of abandonment, and separation of family can cause a tremendous amount of stress. Children will have to adjust to new schedules and may even have to relocate and make new…show more content…
Schroeder and B. Gordon, In summary, in thinking about the effects of divorce on children it is important to consider factors that facilitate the child's adjustment or makes them vulnerable to the negative effects of divorce. Some things that you can do to enhance a child's adjustment are to discuss the impending divorce at a level appropriate for the child; be available to answer questions; read age appropriate books on divorce with your child; reassure the child divorce is not his or her fault and to let the child know that you will both continue to love…show more content…
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