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Antigone’s course of action contrasts with that of Creon As far as I am concerned, Antigone’s course of action forms a sharp contrast with that of Creon. In this play, Antigone and Creon represented two different kinds of people: For Creon, he possessed possesses the supreme power and he could can enact the law of the country . Whilewhereas for Antigone, she was a weak one compared with Creon, but she still followed follows her own judgments of value. However, these two persons did do have something in common because they opposed oppose each other and both had have the a tragic ending. Creon was is driven by his responsibility to serve the state, while Antigone held upholds her decision to uphold family rights. As for meIn fact, neither one is ‘evil’ or ‘bad’ nor even wrong in their convictions; they just simply opposed each other. As for the ending, Antigone’s fate was is to die by her own hand and to make a powerful political statement (i.e.) in the process. In contrast, Creon is left shattered and ironically without family, having lost command of events after being so determined to remain in control. I suppose Perhaps Antigone was kind of over-reactedreacts. Before Antigone chooses to die, I highly appreciate her courage and responsibility, yet. But when I know she is going to kill herself, I begin to wander wonder about her inner thoughts. Maybe what Antigone cherished cherishes most was is her position of loving justice rathermore than her own brother. She chooses to commit suicide was is just for her crazy extreme love of those abstract principles rather than sympathizing for a concrete living being. And fFor their sharp contrasts, I get evidences from 3 arguments, their different beliefs, different behaviours and different attitudes towards women.. First, let’s consider their respective inner beliefs. In Antigone’s heart, she firmly

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