Response to “Girl”

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I read the non-fiction narrative essay “Girl” by Jane Maher which is about a story about a problem between her and her father and how this issue continued between them until his death. (Maher 1-3). The author story is very doleful since it is a realistic circumstance that Maher been through in her life, and it really impinged on me since I live far away from my family and any topic about parents affects me easily. I wished that the death wasn’t the end of the story, but that is not Maher’s choice, nor the reader’s! Death is the predestined destination for all creations in this entire world, whether they are satisfied or not. I liked the part when Maher is writing about her father and added, “that does not mean that he did not love them or care for them” (Maher 1). I respect the person when respects others and appear that, and writing a sentence such as the previous one, shows a great estimation for her father. On the other hand, I wondered why Maher did not have a discussion with her father about this word! Her father has an opinion behind calling her: girl and she have another opinion since this word angered her. It is better to express feeling and describe the purposes behind behaviors to avoid these problems. In my opinion, “Girl” by Jane Maher is an effective example that might happen for anyone, being a wise and sensible means to learn from others
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