Discrimination Speech Essay

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Name: Isabella Lorduy Ariza Rationale The following text is a speech written by myself from the perspective of a Pakistani girl called Malala Yousafzai, who has suffered from discrimination and prejudice against women regarding the right of education, which is extremely important for me, since it is the base of wisdom and knowledge. It is directly linked to the course since it talks about the important role, which women represent, and the importance of equality in a society that has not been able to overcome an old and parochial point of view in which men are the only central figure. By writing this speech I wanted to explore a new point of view, in which I could actually feel what other individuals are suffering through women prejudice. The purpose of this article is to inform the readers about the massive impact which this problem has caused and apply this fact to real life situations. It is specifically directed to a young female audience, with the purpose of creating consciousness and awareness to these girls and showing them that no matter their age or their gender, there is always a way to fight for rights and equality. Before writing this text I investigated about Malala and discovered important facts and quotes, which helped me a lot to the creation of the speech. It was a really interesting exercise because I had the chance of combining what I felt with Malala’s point of view. Through this speech I learned about different atrocious cases that had a great impact on me; this impact is reflected in this text and expresses my emotions and certainly my opinion about the problematic. The speech is written in first person through a formal tone, however there are some informal expressions, which are essential to show the sincerity of the content. I have a dream, a difficult and challenging dream, it is extremely hard to achieve and fighting for it
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