Ain't I a Woman : Speech True Meaning!

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Ain’t I A Woman: Rhetorical In-Class Essay The speech Ain’t I a Woman, given by Sojourner Truth and edited by Susan B. Anthony was a speech that had the power to move many. This speech showed audiences the bravery and strength this woman contained. Not only did Sojourner address the importance of women’s rights, but she created an influential argument for African American rights. Sojourner Truths includes repetition, emotional comparisons, and biblical references throughout her speech in order to exemplify the importance of women’s rights to make her speech stronger, and to move her audience. Truth uses different strategies of repetition to lead her audience to the base of her arguments. The way she maneuvers her way through topic-to-topic while keeping the same points in the air, largely strengthens her arguments. One way Truth uses repetition is present throughout the second paragraph of the prompt. Truth continuously says “Ain’t I a Woman” after every crucial point she hit. She undoubtedly wanted to emphasize this phrase to influence the audience into understanding and relating to the topics she spread across the floor. This being the title of the speech shows readers the importance of the phrase before even reading or listening. Truth used repetition along with many rhetorical points that she shuffled in between the crevices of her speech. Stating her strengths, sorrows, weaknesses, and personal conflicts, she kept the connection her audience throughout. The rhetorical questions asked by Truth were influential to many, which also resulted in support of her audience. When Truth stated the part about ‘working/eating as much as a man’ and said “…no man would head me,” a strengthened argument was forth. The fact that she compared herself, as a woman, to a working man, is not only powerful but a remarkable tactic used to grasp her audience in awe. Using these
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