Disable People Sterotyping Essay

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Disabled People Stereotypes ii Outline Thesis: As a disabled person I experienced how damaging the stereotypes against me can be. I am often viewed as a helpless, retarded, or a crippled individual. I. Helpless A. Someone asking if I need help all the time. B. It makes me feel mad. C. I do not always need help I can do things for myself. II. Retarded A. People making assumption because I react slower than them. B. It makes me feel angry. C. Just because I do things a little differently, doesn’t mean I cannot do them. III. Crippled A. Someone one calling me that name while I am trying to doing. B. It makes me feel hurt. C. Just because I am in the chair it doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings too. Disabled People Stereotypes 1 As a disabled person, I experienced how damaging the stereotypes against me can be. I was often viewed as a helpless, retarded, crippled individual. One stereotype that people apply to me is “helpless” since I am in a wheelchair. And people automatically think I cannot do anything for myself. For example, every time I go somewhere whether it is in school, the mall or fast food places, people automatically assume that just because I’m in a wheelchair. I need help with the small things like feeding myself. They will put the spoon to my mouth, and I have to tell them to stop, “I can do it myself.” Then they look at me dumb founded like “Really! Wow, I didn’t know that.” When people look at me as “helpless” it makes me feel angry since its like people are judging me before they get to know me and by then it’s too late. Since I know that if they try and talk to me that they are just doing it out of pity. The reality of the situation is that I want people to stop offering to do things that I know I can do for myself.

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