Diminishing Wetlands Essay

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Name: Date: Class: Essay #3: Cause and Effect Argument Draining Wetlands So you’re driving down the road one day to a group of people standing around with picket signs in their hands protesting the building of a brand new subdivision of luxury homes. As you slow down to see what all the fuss is about, you realize that they aren’t protesting the homes being built but that the builder is planning to drain the wetlands and build over and around where they once were. You casually drive off thinking nothing of it because you yourself are not a big fan of swamps and all the things associated with them. As time goes on you start to wonder about the wetlands and why those people felt it necessary to protest. Why would anyone care? Swamps can be unsightly and full of rodents and creatures you don’t want to be around but as you will soon find out there are many benefits of wetlands and they are an extremely important part of our ecosystem. The draining of wetlands is a serious problem. It doesn’t take a scientist to tell you that the draining of wetlands if nothing else causes habitat destruction that damages the local ecosystem. Wildlife will be forced to look for new places to live in an ever changing geography. Other wildlife will be forced to find new places to seek out food and shelter that have previously relied upon the wetlands for either food or a place to live. Wetlands can provide habitat for wildlife, improve water quality, reduce flooding and recharge groundwater. These lands also help to restore and protect plant and wildlife diversity. (Moseley 2010) Maybe the most important aspect of draining a wetland is the effects it has on the other bodies of water downstream. Wetlands are the “biological kidneys” of the land and they filter out many impurities before they can reach other water systems. A loss of wetlands can cause the

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