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The Three Causes to Soil Erosion The three causes for soil erosion are over cultivating, overgrazing, and deforestation. Over cultivation is the repeated process of the soil being plowed to control weeds; this exposes the soil to water and wind erosion. A solution to this would be no-till agriculture which is a technique that allows a planting apparatus connected to the back of a tractor to spray herbicide, cut a furrow, drop seeds and fertilizer in furrow and then closes it. At harvest time the process in repeated never leaving the soil exposed, erosion and water loss is reduced, and there is enough detritus including roots from the previous crop to maintain the topsoil. Another cause for erosion is overgrazing; which is the constant grazing of animals on plants without allowing the plants any recovery time. This exposes the soil for an extended time leading to water and wind soil erosion. The NRCS has a program called the Conservation Stewardship Program that provides information and support to enable ranchers who own their land to burn unwanted woody plants, reseed the land with perennial grass varieties that hold water, and manage the cattle so that the herd are moved to a new location before overgrazing occurs. Lastly, deforestation is the removal of a forest or stand of trees where the land is thereafter converted to a non-forest use. The result to this is the top soil is left exposed it then becomes saturated with water and slides off the slope in a muddy mass into waterways leaving the subsoil to continuously erode. The solution to this problem is simple stop deforestation and save the soil in the forest habitat. There are several processes of soil erosion which include; sheet erosion, gulley erosion, and wind erosion. Sheet erosion occurs when there is sufficient rainfall; exposed soil will be moved downhill as a mass

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