Differences Between The Chesapeake And New England

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Europeans began the colonization of America in the early 1600's. In the beginning they all came to escape from something in Europe, and while there were many various reasons for leaving, most were fleeing from religious persecution. The other main attraction was economic prosperity in a new world rich with resources, to either be sent back to Europe, or to simply use here and make a new life for themselves, better than that which they had back home. The English colonies of the Chesapeake and New England were similar in terms of who founded them ( English settlers), but the similarities pretty much stopped there when it came to reasons for settling, and once they had established themselves how their economies and societies were set up. They differed greatly in economic structure, religious beliefs, societal structure, and also population make-up. The two regions were very close, but in the end became two completely different regions with unique identities. The New England area was originally settled by people seeking religious freedom in the new world. They were primarily Puritan Separatists. They decided to come to the new world after the Church of England separated from Catholicism in a decision made by King Henry VIII. Although the Church of England and Catholicism were no longer intertwined, they still felt they did not have the entire amount of religious freedom they desired. They decided that the best course of action would be to head to the new world so they could start a society in which they could practice their religious beliefs freely and without persecution. They were also joined by some quakers and catholics who had not joined the church of England, who also wanted freedom to practice their religious beliefs how they saw fit. Although they came to the new world to start a society based on living a religious life,having religious freedom, and being a

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