Religious Freedom After the Revolution

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The Revolution transformed religion in many ways. To start, the Revolution gave great freedom in opinion not just religiously but also gave many people the right to vote, even though it did not give all Americans “equal liberty” it would still be a break through in going the correct direction of American freedom. The theory of religious liberty was not the cause of freedom of worship it actually arose from religious pluralism. Some religions gave people ways to break laws, due to the law being against a religious belief. However, before the revolution many different religions were still being discriminated against with voting and public funds, some people in Massachusetts were even jailed for refusing to pay taxes to support their local ministers. The end of the British rule immediately caused people to question the privileged position associated with Anglican churches. Some people would demand relief from taxes because of this religious group. Because of majority of wars to be over religious beliefs , many leaders in the revolution claimed it was dire for the “new nation” to avoid conflicts about religious differences influenced from the past three centuries. Thus separation of church and state came into play, with hopes of keeping public morality and avoiding corrupting embrace from the government. Throughout the new nation people had started disestablishing their churches that had deprived peoples from public funding and special legal privileges. The revolution enhanced the different types of American Christianity and widely expanded the idea of religious liberty. This gave people of different beliefs a safe and nonjudgmental environment to express their religion but also threatened the rights of those who undermined church
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