Did the French Revolution Live Up to It's Standards?

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Ten’s of thousands killed, and spies all over the place. Listening to all that you say. The king and queen killed, and massive debts racked up because of wars. This all happened in the span of 21 years. And people argue that the French revolution had not lived up to it’s standard. But it did! But in not every way. There was an end to feudalism, and much fairer taxation. There was a new constitution that had fair laws that promoted equality. Better education, and religious freedom! But they didn’t live up to their standards in some ways. In France, during the French revolution and Napoleon’s leadership ( 1789 - 1814 ) France was changing. With King Louis XVI leading France as an absolute monarch, people were struggling to cope with rising taxes on one if their daily supplements, grain. This was because of the huge dept France was in from their wars they had been fighting. And with enlightenment thinkers people were thinking differently and wanted change. The 3rd estate had been tormented for a long time, paying all the taxes, and having no power caused a huge struggle among all of them. But when the Revolution started to take place, there was a sudden, dramatic change. This resulted in 5 governments in a span of 8 years. But to be more specific France,socially and economically lived up to it’s ideals, but not politically. Feudalism was abolished, and a new constitution promoting equality was passed, plus better education, that was only naming a few. But the Committee of Public Safety killed tens of thousands of people ( making their name ironic ), and Napoleon didn’t promote liberty. Plus women had no rights. The French Revolution lived up to it’s ideals socially and economically, but not politically. Because while they abolished feudalism, and achieved a lot of their goals, Napoleon, the CPS, and Louis XVIII abused their power as leaders of France. Socially,
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