Diary of Jimmy Little - Somewhere In the Darkness

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Day 1 Today I was sitting on the edge of my bed listening to the rain that beat against the window when Mama Jean told me to get read for school. Then I got out of bed and got ready for school, but I didn't feel like going. I thought about writing a note and signing Mama Jean's name so I wouldn't have to go to school, but I decided not. After I came home from school a man showed up at my apartment and said that he was my dad. He said that his name was Crab and that I could call him that if I didn't want to call him dad. While we were talking he told me that he had just got out of jail last week and now he's going to start a new job in Chicago. When Mama Jean came home, Crab told her that he was going to Chicago tonight and he wanted me to go with him. Then Mama Jeanstarted packing my bags and I was upset because I didn't want to leave Mama Jean. Before I left Mama Jean gave me some money so i could come back if it didn't work out with Crab. Day 2 Today Crab told me that he broke out of jail and that he didn't get parole yet. He also told me that he didn't really have a job in Chicago. He said he broke out of jail so that he could tell me the truth about what happened when he was arrested. I was angry because he like to me, but I also felt bad for him because he was feeling a bit ill. He told me that there was something wrong with his kidneys and he had to see a person in Arkansas that could help him. Day 3 While I was in Chicago today I felt said because I missed Mama Jean, but sometimes when I was with Mama Jean I wondered about Crab. I missed Crab as much as I miss Mama Jean now. Day 4 Today we arrived in Memphis, Tennessee and I was happy because I was getting to know Crab a little bit better. While we were crossing the bridge to Marion we started talking. Crab told me that there was a man in Arkansas that he had to talk to named Rydell. Crab was

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