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Legacy Leader: SSG Brandon J Wilson SSG Thomas William Browne Senior Leader Course A true leader is someone who guides you through your career with selfless intent. He takes care of you. He takes care of everyone around you. He basically takes you under his wing and does everything he can to ensure that you are where you need to be now, and prepares you to go further in the future. I overheard a current ALC student, SGT Mitchell Anderson, say it best: “A leader’s job is to leave his legacy in his Soldiers.” I don’t think I could put it any better I have spent many years working for the military. I started back in April of 1998. My first Duty assignment was Korea in October that same year. Back then the military was a lot different. NCO’s had much more power. They were able to handle the misconduct of Soldiers by simply smoking them. It was much rarer to see Soldiers get in any further trouble. Once you got smoked, good NCO’s generally “forgot” about the incident like it never happened, and you went on with your work. Also, Generally speaking, when your NCO told you to do…show more content…
I showed up at my company on a Friday afternoon. This is where I met SSG Wilson. He was a little different from what I was used to. He started asking me about my family and trying to find out if we had a place to stay yet. I informed him that my wife was still in Staten Island NY because I wasn’t sure how fast I would be able to get a house. However was able to get a house right away because I was coming from Korea. But my wife would not come down for another month. Also my house was still unfurnished and I would furnish it during my off time over the month. So SSG Wilson managed to get me a room in the barracks for that month so I wouldn’t have to go to an empty house every day. He then told me that he was having a section BBQ and that he would pick me up Saturday afternoon to meet his family and the

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