Diabetes Miletus Type 2 Essay

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DIEBETS MILLETUS TYPE 2 AND TYPE 1 3 Some people call it the new epidemic in the United States; it is a disease that is is getting more common every year, with a surprising toll in acute and chronic complications disability, and death. This new epidemic is call diabetes As we know there are several types of diabetes such: diabetes Miletus type 1, diabetes Miletus type 2, and gestational diabetes. The most alarming type of diabetes in the United States it is the type 2 diabetes. This disease has changed through time, form our grandparents, and parents, to a disease of a children, every year more, and more children and young adults developed this devastating…show more content…
This medical term is called hyperglycemia. Family history and genes also play an important role in this type of diabetes. Low activity level, an excess of body weight around the waist, and a poor diet, increases the risk of acquiring this devastating disease. Your health care provider may suspect you have diabetes if your blood glucose levels are higher than 200 mg/dL. Symptoms of this type of diabetes are: fatigue, hunger, increased thirst, and increased in urination. Increased rates of diabetes type 2 among adolescents will have very important long term implications for the affected individuals. in society and in the public health system as a whole Because diabetes is going to lead to certain complications in the future including progressive neuropathy, retinopathy leading in some cases to blindness, nephropathy leading in most cases to chronic renal failure and atherosclerosis a cardiovascular disease. According to the (CDC) center for disease and control prevention, currently there’s 28.8 million people only in the united states about (8.4% of the population) have diabetes about 1.7 million new cases of diabetes were diagnosed in people younger than 21 years old. Diabetes type 2 was the seventh leading cause in 2008 in the United States according to death certificates. A person diagnosed with diabetes could have a shorter life expectancy if the diseased is left untreated or is not treated adequately with the proper medications and…show more content…
This is the most uncommon form of diabetes affecting only a very little of the population of the United States. But this type of diabetes is becoming more alarming every year in the United States because according to a study of the international journal of health Geographic’s 13,000 children are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and more than 1 million American kids and adults deal with the disease every day. Very little is known about the causes of this type of diabetes. What is known is that the pancreas can’t make or can’t respond to insulin properly. Due to the destruction of the beta cells in the pancreas, those are the main cells that process insulin through the

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