Developmental Theories That Influenced Modern Psychotherapy and Supervision

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Developmental theories that influenced modern psychotherapy and supervision It is accepted that relation between therapist and client, and supervisor and supervisee are analog and similar to the parent – child relation (Hans Strupp) in the way that these relations are reparative and that they can often heal in the present deficits of the past experience between child and caretakers. It's through relationships with caregivers and other people that children learn how to apply and use their emotions, expressions, and emotional understanding that influence their being in later periods of their lives. In connection with this, for gestalt therapists is very important, considering theory of gestalt therapy, to be aware that there are other important and contributing factors except infant experiences, that also strongly influences our life and that we can not put exclusive emphasize on the early experiences. We believe that life is much more than past and that it is shaping in every moment of our life with present experiences, context and supposed future. Also, in gestalt therapy we believe that contact (relation) is in the hart of healing processes. In An Integrative Relational approach to psychotherapy and supervision relation is seen as “a vehicle for psychotherapeutic change and the necessity of an effective supervisory alliance” (M. Gilbert and K. Evans, Psychotherapy supervision, 2000). The way relationship is established, the quality of relationship while it lasts and the way it ends is considered to be one of the major factors that influence outcomes of psychotherapy and, consequently, supervision. This is the main meeting point of gestalt and integrative approach. There are lot of researches that show how important is supervisory alliance based on characteristics of supervisors (Carey, Williams, and Wells 19895, Carifio and Hess 1987, Leddick and dye

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