Development Through the Life Stages Unit4 Task1 P1

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Development Through the Life Stages | Unit4 task1 P1 | | Unit 4 task1 P1: Development through the Life Stages Physical: Development of the body structure and its system, how the body works. Intellectual: problem solving language development, reading and writing skills, memory, concentration and creativity. Emotional: developing feeling towards each other, making sense of your own feeling. Social: Getting on with others, how to behave in different situations, becoming part of a group and making friends. Human life stages are a development that occurs doing different life stages. For example physical needs food, shelter as well as exercise like running and different movements. The Intellectual needs are the things we doing with brain like going to school or study at college and learning new skill. The emotional needs how to express our feeling for example happy, sad, anger. The social needs how we socialize with other people like friend or family. 1. Conception: the action of a child begin conceived. It starts from the day when the woman get pregnant and it will takes about 9 months and 9 days before the baby born. They should prepare themselves for conception such as physical, mental and emotional preparation. Physical: the pregnant women must be on good diet to support their body during the pregnancy include having better food than usual for example fresh fruit and vegetable, getting enough vitamin and calcium because the baby inside mummy tome need food to grow up, also doing a bit of exercise such as Walk, jog, swim, stroll, whatever they enjoy. Bill’s mum’s pregnancy and his birth were normal. His mum was a smoker; this had bad affect on her pregnancy because it caused Bill to born as undeveloped baby or under weight. Bill reached all the milestones within the development norms. At week 1 to 9 baby's circulatory system forms and
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