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DESIGUAL CASE. It’s not the same! What contribution will Internet sales make to the company’s growth, and what impact would have on Desigual’s corporate strategy? Desigual is still a very small multinational company with a total turnover in 2010 of 440 Mio. EUR. In fact in the last view years Desigual had tremendous success and was able to increase its turnover from 8 Mio EUR in 2002 to 440 Mio in 2010, which is an impressive growth. One of the main reasons for this success have been the opening of the first own brand store in 2002 in Barcelona and the further expansion of number of stores up to 250 till 2010. Desigual is already present in 72 countries such as Germany, Italy, UK, France and US, but the home market Spain in still the most important market with the highest turnover rate. However compared to companies such as Inditex, Mango or H&M, Desigual is still a very small company with a market share - for example in the Spain market - of approx. 0,82% (assumption: Total turnover in Spain was 16,386 Mio EUR in 2006 => 18,500 Mio EUR in 2010 with growth rate 3% each year => 151,8 Mio EUR / 18,500 Mio EUR = 0,82%). In other countries the market share is close to zero and almost negligible. The online sector in terms of fashion selling represents still a small channel sales share but with significant growth rates. For example the total turnover of the fashion sector increased from 3,5% in 2007 up to 7,2% in 2011. This fact and the awareness that all main competitors of Desigual already sell their products via an online shop makes the idea of introducing online selling a „must do“ for Desigual in order to keep and even accelerate growing the business and to step further for its international expansion. However if we analyze the different channels and the main markets it is noticeable that 218,9 Mio EUR (=85%) from 255,7 Mio EUR were reached in

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