Descriptive Essay: PV2 Thrailkills Dorm Home

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PV2 Thrailkills Dorm Room Not everyone gets the opportunity to live in a suitable dorm room on a military post in another country. This dorm room that Private Thrailkill, Mary-Ruth resides at, in South Korea on Camp Hovey, is one of a kind. When you walk into room two nineteen, it makes you feel as if you were at home in the states. Kind of as if it were your one bedroom apartment. You can always smell an essence from her room at the CQ desk downstairs. As you extend your legs one foot in front of the other, up the stairs onto the second floor and down the hallway, you will become nearer and nearer to room two nineteen Private Thrailkills dorm room. The smell of fresh clean linen seeps through the door and into the pathway you are walking.
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