Tow The Sonogram At The End Essay

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Friends Bloopers... Season 1 TOW = The One With/The One Where TOA = The One After [pic] Pilot - Uncut * Rachel refers to her ex-fianc閑 as Barry Finkel. In the rest of the show, he is known as Barry Farber. * Phoebe takes her bed when she moves out. In the pilot episode, however, Monica still has a bed there for Rachel. * When Rachel comes in she has never meet Chandler but in TOW all the thanksgivings, Chandler and Rachel had already meet when Rachel was in high school and Chandler was in College with Ross. [pic] TOW the Sonogram At the End * Chandler rises from the chair to help search for the engagement ring that Rachel lost. Joey asks where Rachel had it last and Phoebe replies "Doy, probably right before she lost it". Chandler now…show more content…
* When the hockey puck comes flying into the crowd, it hits Ross in the nose. This always stops play (and the clock), but when they are shown on the JumboTron, the clock is still running. [pic] TOW the East German Laundry Detergent * Rachel claims she can't even send back soup. In TOW the Flashback she tells a waitress off for serving the wrong drinks and then she sends them back. * Chandler mentioned in season four that Joey went out with Angela Dalveccio for three years. In episode 105, East-German Laundry Detergent, Joey tells Angela about his girlfriend Monica and arranges a double date. Now, first of all, wouldn't Angela and Monica have met during the year Joey had lived with Chandler (we know they were going out then, they broke Chandler's kitchen table) and second of all, Monica seems to know everything about people her friends are close with (notice how she's the only one who knows- and can tell Joey's seven sisters apart) so shouldn't she have known (and possibly even MET) Angela's brother, if she really had one? [pic] TOW the

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