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Family Assessment Patty Nuchols King University Family Assessment My family assessment is focuses on a young couple, D.H. and L.H., whom are expecting their first baby in June of this year. a co-worker of mine. L.H. has recently developed complications that require her to be on bed rest and she is now on FMLA. I decide to go visit and take some baked lasagna to them. She has verbalized that she is very anxious and worried about her pregnancy and the fact that she no longer has an income. I request permission to do a brief interview with them and explain that I will be sharing the information with my instructor. However, their identity will be kept anonymous. They were both eager to participate in the interview process. Setting The interview takes place in the living room. L.H. is lying on the couch with her feet propped up on pillows. The environment is very warm and cozy by the fireplace. D.H. turns off the television so that we can focus on conversation. Therapeutic Relationship A therapeutic relationship is established with the family by focusing on their problems and needs during this difficult time in their lives. I initially focus on D.H. as he answers the doorbell to let me in. I ask how he is doing and if there are any specific things I can help do to help out. He states, “Just having company helps both of us”. I follow him into the living room where L.H. is lying on the sofa with her feet propped up on pillows. D.H. and I sit down and I begin asking L.H. how she and the baby are doing. During conversation I feel comfortable enough to ask permission to conduct the family assessment interview. Therapeutic Questions The first question I ask is “What impact does this change in status have on you both as a family”?

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