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Dependence On Technology Essay

  • Submitted by: uzairs1192
  • on January 30, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Dependence On Technology" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

What if one day all of the electronics we use on a daily basis were to become dysfunctional?   This would mean that we may no longer be able to use common items such as computers, iPods, televisions, and even smart-phones which some people are heavily reliant on.   Because so much emphasis is placed on these devices, many people would probably be unable to maintain efficiency on certain tasks without them.   These high-tech gadgets are something I personally use very often.   I would consider myself as one of those tech-savvy individuals who relies heavily on computers and cell phones to get me through the day.   Unfortunately, this unhealthy dependence has become awfully widespread throughout the 21st century.
One would think that a person coming from the third world country of Pakistan would know what it is like not to have many technological resources at his or her convenience.   Though this may have been true for me at one point, living in this well developed country for ten years now has materially spoiled me.   Being settled in the United States has made it hard to imagine how so many great scholars in the past, for example Einstein and Aristotle, achieved great success in the fields of Mathematics and Physics without the use of modern-day technology.   Using these significant figures as an example, it seems as if my generation has a great advantage in those subjects because of today‚Äôs high-tech calculators, computers, etc.   As we take these devices for granted, we become ignorant to thoughts about how society would run with their absence.
Much of the world has technologically advanced so tremendously that it is starting to lose the value of traditional practices.   Everything that once required a great deal of work can now be summed up in a mere couple of seconds. Even books, which are traditionally printed on paper, are now digitalized and can be read off a screen.   All this may be appealing to the members of my generation, but we fail to realize how dependent we...

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