Definition Essay: Substance Abuse

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Substance abuse is extremely common among human people; especially our adolescence. Unfortunately, the abusing we see is what surrounds us in a lot of events and places that are in our life. For example: sweet 15’s, sweet 16’s, sweet 18’s, house parties, weddings, cocktail parties, bars, homes, in the streets, deli’s, and so much more. You already get the gist of it. But anyway, I have a couple of friends that abuse what they have in front of them. Yes it includes alcohol. Among my friends, peers, and people I see in general, there is a trend that I’ve seen. People take what they have for granted or they just abuse it just to ‘have fun.’ I have a friend that goes through a lot of problems and deals with it by smoking weed or drinking whenever she has the chance. She’s really aggressive and doesn’t understand that the people who lecture her don’t want her to go through anything…show more content…
Why, everyone changes but she was taking the wrong path which led her to where she is today. She would always get into arguments at home with her parents, she was very stubborn, hard-headed, and anything that you would tell her would go in one ear and out the other. Almost like if she didn’t even have a conscience. But luckily, everyone knew that I love to help people so they thought that I would help her (of course) and to get her back on track with their friends and family and all that but it was really hard for me to help her since she was constantly doing what she wasn’t supposed to do. So long story short, I gave her deep lectures, I brought her to church with me, I would help her in class (when she would fall asleep) I would wake her back up by embarrassing her in front of the class by saying “Listen, this is your desk in your history class, not the bed you have at home.” Yes, I said it in front of everyone but it was because I was sick of having to “take care of her” almost like if I was her second

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