The Glass Menagerie Family

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John Shamieh Watkins English 102 19 November 2012 Topic #1 Many plays convey family and family values in different ways. Whether it is regarding gender specific roles, such as the man in the house bringing in the money, or simply loving and taking care of one another, these values usually strike home with the reader effectively. The Glass Menagerie, is a great example of this. Although, the play is set in the 1930's, the structure and communication of the family could certainly represent that of the modern American family. The father of Tom abandoned him, Laura, and Amanda, forcing Tom to provide for the family. This conflicts with his desire to follow his dreams. There is a notion of constant fear Amanda has of her son following in his father's footsteps. He goes out every night and drinks, telling his mother he goes to the movies. Many teens use this excuse with their parents these days, while they go out and drink. Tom states, "I'm like my father. The bastard son of a bastard! See how he grins? And he's been absent going on sixteen years!" (Williams 1404). Tom, like his mother, sees he is taking from his father and is anticipating that he too, will leave the family behind. Amanda sees her family as a supportive unit during tough times. She tells her son, "We have to do all that we can to build ourselves up. In these trying times we live in, all that we have to cling to is-each other..." (1389). Most families live by this today. However, families will always have arguments, and the younger child is usually hurt most by them whether or not they are the ones actually arguing. Every time Tom and his mother argue, Amanda is scared or hurled up on the couch. It is almost as if she is a referee between the two. She doesn't want to upset her mother, and wants to see her mom and brother on good terms. This is very relevant to families today. She begs

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