Decline In The Labor Movement

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MGMT 414 Week 7 Assignment There is a decline in the labor movement. The law has played an important factor in the decline of labor union. I truly believe America needs a strong, healthy, democratic and progressive labor movement. Unions can help maintain a more equitable destitution of the profits of a corporation. When unions were strong we had the greatest period of equitable shared prosperity in American history. Now we have reached the point that salaries of top executives are out of sight and real income for working families are declining. Corporate Executives’ has figured out a system to increasing each other’s salaries. They visit each other while periodically and raise the notion their salaries deserve more. This is not…show more content…
One of the strangest parts of the law, though it proclaims the right to strike and we establish a system of free collective bargaining and the heart of our system of free collective bargaining is the right to strike. However, when worker exercise their right to strike, the company claims it has the right to replacement workers, job are lost and communities are destroyed. Now the notion is if you strike you are gambling your jobs. The whole policy of the act was to permit workers to freely exercise their right to join and be active in unions without suffering economic consequences. Workers could lose their jobs putting them in a terrible position. The position would be, if they vote for a strike they would have to support it. If the company starts hiring replacements workers they may cross the lines to save their job then hated by the community for doing so. What workers understand that during a strike, there is a bargaining process with the union and the courts is taking place. What is surprising is that courts no very little about labor, almost nothing about collective bargaining and nothing about unions. The courts believe the American industry does better is the employer has more power; worker are scared they well work harder and the industry will be more productive. The Supreme Court stated the union was never intended to be a full partner in the running of the enterprise. To reduce the size of the bargaining unit which is also reduce the power of the union, the labor boards and courts has resisted any efforts by unions to expand the scope of bargaining. The failure of unions today is because of internal union politic, bottom
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