The Managerialist Approach

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The managerialist approach is an analysis of organizations that takes the needs and the perspectives of management as its starting point. In the clip from the movie Norma Rae, there were many examples of the managerialist approach being used. Norma Rae was protesting her case on company time, which affected productivity of the factory. Her actions affected productivity, which is an integral part of the managerialst approach. When she persuaded fellow employees to shut their machines off and participate in her protest, profit was lost since no product was being made. Profitability was being compromised, which is also a fundamental principle from the managerialist approach. Norma Rae was trying to be above the manager in the sense that her actions where influencing other workers to go against the company. From a managerialist approach, the manager is supposed to be above theP employees and is the only one that should have control and influence his/her workers. The managers were in fear of being unionized because they were afraid that a union would affect their everyday productions and interfere with their profit. A union would require the company to provide some form of benefits for their employees, which would interfere with company budget and spending. In order to convey this message to Norma Rae, the managers used intimidation by having her secluded in a little room with multiple managers surrounding her. This intimidation strategy had a very little impact on Norma and she could not be influenced by their aggressive point of view. When they took Norma away in a police car, the managers were setting an example to the employees about the consequences of protesting against the company and disrupting production. Taking the prospective of the managerailist approach, we as a group came up with certain strategies that we would use as a manager when dealing with
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