Death of My Best Friend

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Death of my Best Friend! Standing on the beach walking along the shore for hours, I never thought I would be 15 walking on the shorelines of Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia getting ready to spread a part of my best friend halfway across the world. A year ago today I thought we would be getting ready for junior prom and having our first real relationships. I definitely thought wrong. I was a changed person for the better and Nessa helped me become the person I am today. But let's start and the beginning, a year ago, today. It was April 22, 2009,a wet, cloudy Wednesday afternoon about 4:30 p.m. The walk home from school sucked 6 blocks and 3 girls in flip flops. By the time we reached halfway one of us was hungry, as always its was Vanessa. Kelsey and I waited across the street as Nessa (Vanessa) ran in the corner store to get snacks. After about 10 minutes a horrible cold down pour of rain, and some scary lighting Nessa finally came out she was smiling and acting like its was the brightest day of the year when it wasn't. Nessa waved to us from across the street, when the light finally turned red she crossed the street. It happened so fast that you wouldn't have been able to stop it even if you wanted to. Less than 10 feet from us Nessa was hit by a car making an illegal left turn on red at about 57 mph. Nessa was killed instantly on impact, this was the day my best friend died. We didn't know how to react Kelsey and I ran into the street and were in denial we couldn't believe what had happened. To us the impossible just came reality. My best friend was killed before my eyes and I couldn't do anything about it. At 14 years old, ending my freshmen year, my best friend since 6th grade who I had grown so close to I held dead in my arms in the intersection we walked everyday for a year. My life as I know it was over. The weeks and months to come after the accident

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