Dead Poets Society

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Hayden Boettcher English 1B 9/22/12 Oh Captain My Captain “There is a time for daring and there is a time for caution, and a wise man understands which is called for.” This quote, from Mr. John Keating, is from the movie Dead Poets Society. This statement very elequently captures the main focus of the whole movie, which was to seize the day. Many students openly excepted what they believed to be an excuse to be rebelious. Only a certain few actually understood the true meaning of the phrase carpe diem. Three main characters show three very distinct mindsets of how they applied carpe diem to their lives. Charlie Dalton used carpe diem as an excuse to be rebelious, Neil Perry seemed to understand the idea of carpe diem, but he was not able to apply it to his own life, Todd Anderson was one of the only students to fully understand and embrace the ideology of carpe diem. Charlie Dalton, also known as Neiwanda, did not have a firm grasp on the meaning of carpe diem. Charlie was a rebel without a cause, always creating mischief wherever he went. Charlie used carpe diem as an excuse to rebel and disrespet his superiors. Impulsive acts, such as writing disrespectful school news articles, and faking phone calls during an accademy meeting eventually got Charlie expelled from Welton Academy. Charlie was not mature enough to handle the freedom that he believed he had. In truth, carpe diem is not an excuse to act rebeliously or impulsivly. Unfortunatly Charlie was never able to understand that. Seemingly the most mature boy of the group, Neil Perry seemed to have life figured out. He had good grades and plenty of friends. When Neil is first introduced to the concept of carpe diem he embraces it, and ressurects the Deat Poets Society. Being a part of the Dead Poets Society sparked Neil's intrest in acting. With carpe diem in mind, Neil decides to

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