Argumentative Essay About Holden's Death

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English 3 Period 8 10-17-13 Hello, I am Holden’s doctor and I have been speaking with Holden for some time now while listening to his story of what happened during Christmas, so here is my analysis of the situation. Holden seems to have a preference to those that could be considered as “pure”, or how Holden compares everyone to his dead brother Allie because I think that Holden was never able to get over his brother’s death, especially since he wasn’t able to attend the funeral or how it didn’t go as how he thought it would have went. Holden seems to have a very strong preference to those that he would consider as “pure” or “innocent”. To start off that point I have been noticing how there are obvious signs that Holden seems like children…show more content…
Holden has proven to hint at the idea that he has been a bit too much influenced by movies, which would most likely be a reason why Allie’s death was such a big deal. The movies have had a role in Holden’s life because they made him to believe that the protagonist or the “good” guy always miraculously survives dire situations, which made him believe that Allie would survive somehow through the leukemia. This idea was hinted towards when Holden was talking about how he felt after Maurice had punched him in the gut, Holden said that he was picturing himself going to the elevator, shooting Maurice, smoking a cigarette, and call up Janet to bandage him up. The idea of the “good” guy winning the battle is a very typical movie type of ending, which points to how influenced Holden is by the movies. The very same type of ending was seen when Holden recalled the movie he watched about the Englishman who had lost his memory and his response to it. He describes the movie as, “don’t see it if you don’t want to puke all over yourself” (138). His response to the movie most likely would have been because of how Holden had believed that Allie was somehow going to get through a terrible situation, which was clearly explained in the movie that Holden watched, but since Allie did

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