Day in the Life of a Special Ed Teacher

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lJason Laing 10/8/2012 Observation Site: P.S# 8 Preschool Inclusion Address: 96 Franklin St., Jersey City, NJ, 07307 Contact Person: Ms. Rodgers (Teacher) Date of Visit: October 5, 2012 Number of children with disability: 1 Name of disability: Autism Number of children in the classroom while observed: 11 Ages of children: 3-5 years old 8:30 A.M As the children walk through the classroom door to their assigned seats their school day starts. The teacher calls each child one by one and they take their coats and belongings to the designated open locker. The little ones then go back to their seats and wait for the Principal to start the school day with the Pledge of Allegiance as well as any other message she might have. I noticed they have a job chart and the child named Romond hold the flag. Then the fun begins when the teacher does the attendance and her assistant prepare breakfast. The children have to make a choice of what they want. Today we have cereal left over from yesterday, graham crackers and today's apple Danish. They have a choice of milk or juice. After they all go and wash there hands breakfast is ready. The teachers assistants sit and assisted the student who is Autistic. This student was being closely monitored by both teacher and aide at all times. Breakfast is a learning experience for these children. The teachers assistants usually have breakfast with them socializing and talking about manners while eating and assisting them with cleanup. The tables and chairs in the class are size appropriate for these children so eating as well as cleanup becomes a learning experience. Sky's job is taking Containers to recycling. 9:30 A.M After breakfast, the children and the teacher go over to the group circle for a story. Today, Mrs. Rogers is reading I Am Special. While they are in the circle

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