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Inclusive Practice. Inclusive practice is about providing the support that people want in order to live their lives as fully as possible. For example: When bed bathing an individual, by first gaining their consent, then talking to them - explaining what is happening/general conversation /asking them questions. This is inclusive practice. Also by encouraging them to do as much as they can, you are promoting their independence. I once cared for a patient who was physically disabled and needed assistance with eating. One morning a colleague automatically started feeding the patient her breakfast. I informed my colleague that if you cut the food up and made sure everything was in reach, then the patient was capable of feeding herself. Offering a range of menu choices is another example of inclusive practice. E.g. vegetarian option, soft diet, pureed, diabetic and high protein. Practice which excludes the individual and is Discriminatory. As described earlier in my reflective account (ci) a good example of practice which excludes the individual and is discriminatory is being ignored whilst having a bed bath – the lack of privacy and dignity had a lasting effect on me. Patients of a different culture/religion could be excluded. They could be discriminated against because the carers don’t believe in or simply don’t understand their faith. They may discriminate against this person because or they don’t respect the way they dress or don’t provide the right food for that religion. Avoiding people who are different, such as those with a mental/physical disability or those of a different culture, is classed as discriminatory practice. By not making an effort to talk to and find ways of communicating with these individuals, it would be seen as practice which excludes them. Automatically giving someone a bedpan, as it is ‘easier’ for the carer instead of taking

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