Dark Horse - Voksende Mennesker

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Dark Horse The film is directed by the Icelander Dagur Kári. The film language is in Danish and it is probably because Dagur Kári studied at the National Film School of Denmark. The film was marketing in 2005. Summary: The film is about a free-wheeling young man who just takes things as they come. His name is Daniel and he lives alone in a rented portacabin. He gets paid by painting graffiti illegally, for boys who would have written something sweet to their girlfriends. He doesn’t have a bank account, because if he creates a account then the state will take his money, because he owes money. He has a friend they call granddad, who is a scientist and researcher in sleep rhythm. Granddad is a chubby man and he's fallen in love with the beautiful bakery girl, but she knows him not at all. Daniel goes in to buy cakes one day and meetings baker girl who Granddad is in love in. She is completely gone on mushrooms, so then Daniel drives her home and lays her in bed. A few days later he discovers that her one sock is in the car so he goes home to her to deliver it, and it ends up with they set up a date on a café, and they fall in love with each other. Daniel don’t tell Granddad about he’s relation to Frank (Baker girl) because he knows granddad is in love in her. Daniel gets thrown out of his portacabin because he can not pay the rent, and then he get a job as a guinea pig on the sleep clinic and then he have a place to sleep. A night Frank is on the sleep clinic with Daniel, granddad discovers them and gets really angry and firer Daniel as guinea pig. Daniel and Frank take a drive out to Frank's grandmother and she dies, and then they take over her old house. Frank become pregnant and Daniel don’t think he is ready to get a child and he fled in panic, and take a flight to Spain. He calls Frank from Spain, and she says that she has decided to get an

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