Characters Analysis of “No One’s a Mystery, ” by Elizabeth Tallent

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“No One’s a Mystery” is a short story written by Elizabeth Tallent. It’s about an eighteen years old girl who’s having an affair with Jack. While Jacks is driving them in his dirty pickup, they are drinking tequila and talking about their future. Jack is a cynical selfish man who doesn’t care about his appearance. He’s cheating on his wife with a teenager he has been having an affair since she was sixteen. When he notices his wife's Cadillac on the road coming toward them, he pushes the girl down onto the floor of the truck to keep her out of sight. The girl’s reaction was listening to the radio and dreamily staring at Jack’s legs. When he’s sure that his wife is beyond them, he ask her to get back into her seat, and starts to tell the girl how sure he is about his wife’s manners and about how his current relationship with the girl is going to end soon. In this short story, we have two main characters, Jack and the narrator. We are first introduced to who Jack is through the appearance of his truck. The dirty floor cluttered with pop tops and his musky smell from his cigarettes let us know his personality. We have the impression that he doesn’t care about the cleanness of his truck nor does he care about his personal appearance, “where the seam of his Levi's was bleached linen-white, though the Levi's were nearly new. I don't know why his Levi's always bleached like that, along the seams and at the knees.” (Tallent) Since he has a wife and a young mistress, he has no need to care about his look. Also, Jack is a selfish person who only cares about himself. Usually, cheaters do not look out for others but themselves. He demonstrates it in several ways. “I was sitting beside him scratching at the lock, which didn't seem to want to work, when he thought he saw his wife's Cadillac in the distance, coming toward us. He pushed me down onto the dirty

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