Daisy And Myrtle a Comparison, The Great Gastby

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“You are a sky of autumn, pale and rose; But all the sea of sadness in my blood Surges, and ebbing, leaves my lips morose, Salt with the memory of the bitter flood.” –Charles Baudelaire. Two of beauty but yet of difference. One can compare, and find many likes, as well as find the great difference of the beaut. Women of the 1920s were living in a strange time, which was also strange for love. The great author, Fitzgerald, whom wrote the Great Gatsby, wrote about 2 women whom hold men’s hearts. Mrs. Daisy Buchannan was born into money and was wanted by men everywhere from her charm and beauty. Daisy fell in love with Jay Gatsby, yet loves her cheating husband, Thomas Buchannan. She is a bright woman with a wonderful charm. She loved Jay even after she was married yet she loves Thomas who has cheated on her everywhere they go. Daisy has yet to work a single day in her life but is willing to help out a poor dear in need. On the contrary, Myrtle Wilson cheated on her husband with Daisy’s husband, Thomas Buchannan. She hated being in the small garage, and wants to be a rich woman. Every once in a while she would run off with Tom and live in an apartment. She would wear these clothes that were way too big for her as well as throw parties and feel rich and snobby. Myrtle is the type of girl who would brag about money. IF we set her within a high school setting, she would be a “popular” who thinks she’s all-that. However, as she tries to escape her husband she happens to be run over by Daisy. Yet, if we compared the two women of the decade, we would see how delicate Daisy is and how obnoxious Myrtle is. Myrtle hates to work, similarly to how Daisy has yet to work a day in her life. The fact that Myrtle was run-over, relates to when Daisy decided to stay with Tom. It symbolizes that Myrtle was removed from the equation and will commit to Daisy. However, when
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