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CYP 3. 1: Understand child and young person development- Task1 Explain the sequence and rate of each aspect of development from birth to 19. The expected patterns of children and young people are different in the way they develop for their expected rates which need to be seen as (pictures). Babies at birth; Most babies are born about their fortieth week of pregnancy. Some babies born more than 30 weeks early they are described as premature. Premature babies need little more time to reach the same levels of developmental of the babies who born 40 weeks. Babies born with many different reflexes those are actions they preform without thinking about. A lot of those reflexes are connected to survival. Examples of reflexes include: * Slowing and sucking reflexes. It ensures the baby can feed and swallow milk. * Rooting reflex. The baby will move his/her head for nipple; this helps the baby to find milk. * Grasp reflex. Babies will automatically hold any objects they feel in their palm of their hand. * Startle reflex. When babies hear quick noise or see a sudden bright light they react by moving their arms forwards and close their firs. * Walking and standing reflex. When you hold the baby up right with his/her feet on hard surface, he/she might make stepping movements. ------------------------------------------------- Physical: reflexes (see above) ------------------------------------------------- Cognitive: Some babies understand their mother’s voice and smell ------------------------------------------------- Communication: Babies communicate by crying when they are hungry, tired or uncomfortable. ------------------------------------------------- Social, emotion and behavioural: When the babies are fed both babies and the primary carers get close. It Their first month of their life

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