Children and Young People

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Understand child and young peoples development. 1.2) Explain the difference between sequence of development and rate of development and why the difference is important. Sequence of development is some thing that the child has to develop in order - for example they learn to recognise words before being able to attempt saying that word themselves or a baby has to learn to sit up and support their own weight before being able to crawl. The rate of development is the speed at which the child develops a skill. Some children’s rate of development is a lot faster then others, for example some babies learn to walk at 10 months while others don’t start walking until they are over a year old. It is important to know the difference because when working with children you can observe firstly the sequence of their development to see if they are developing how they should be I.E supporting their head and then learning to sit up and also to be able to plan effectively for the child you are working with. Also it is important to know the difference between sequence and rate of development because you need to be able to observe what rate they are developing at to see if they developing as they should be and if they need and extra support in some areas such as communication for example. 2.1) Explain how children and young peoples development is influenced by a range of personal factors A child’s development may be different to the development of a child that is the same age as them. This could be down to such factors as their health, family up bringing or environment. Health Health is a personal factor that may influence a child’s development. The factors that are related to health that can influence a child’s development could be: • Diet • Environment • Conditions that affect health they may have been born with such as asthma, Downs Syndrome or blood
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