Curriculum Review Assignment

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Application Assignment: Curriculum Review Cycle Sarah Cummings Walden University Abstract This paper consists of two parts. The first part is a critique of curriculum review cycles which compares, contrasts, and critiques three plans for reviewing curriculum. The second part is a curriculum cycle proposal including length of time and steps for each phase. Introduction Wiles (2009) suggests a four phase curriculum review cycle that focuses on continuous improvement through on-going evaluation. Oxford School District (Pennsylvania) uses a six phase cycle that focuses on implementing many layers of professional development throughout the review process. Westwood Public Schools (Massachusetts) uses a three phase review cycle focusing on reviewing, developing, and implementing the curriculum. Critique of Curriculum Review Cycles This section of the paper compares, contrasts, and critiques the curriculum review cycles of three school districts. Oxford Area School District The cycle used by Oxford Area School District (2008) spans six years and includes six phases. The first phase is to review the curriculum and conduct a review of materials. The second phase is to write the curriculum with changes, if necessary, and select materials. The next three phases involve implementing extensive professional development and analyzing data. The curriculum is evaluated based on data and best practices in the final phase. The purpose of the curriculum is to ensure that all students achieve a level of academic excellence (Oxford Area, 2008). Westwood Public Schools Westwood School District (2010) reviews the curriculum in three phases. These phases are review, development, and implementation. The cycle lasts three years, half the time of the cycle used by Oxford. The main difference in the length of time of
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